ystral gmbh

Company Name: ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik
Company website: ystral.com/en
Contact Person: Dominik Seeger
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +49 (0) 763456030

ystral – 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

ystral is a fast-growing, owner-managed company active in mechanical and industrial engineering. Our focus is on designing and building custom mixing, dispersing machines and powder wetting machines and specialised mixing, dispersing and powder wetting systems for fluid mechanical engineering. In addition to mixing, dispersing and powder wetting, we also offer technologies for emulsification, homogenisation and mixed dispersion processes.

Our head office is located in the Southwest of Germany, near the borders of France and Switzerland. We are a medium-sized company with more than 270 employees, global operations and subsidiaries in China, India and Singapore in addition to numerous agencies. Both mid-market firms and large corporations deploy our technologies: We work continuously to further develop our technologies and the know-how of our staff for the benefit of our customers and in order to meet our own high standards: ystral – 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS.

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