Company Name: UWT GmbH
Company website: www.uwt.de
Contact Person: Simone Hadraschek
Email: simone.hadraschek@uwt.de
Phone Number: +49 83157123191

When we started, over 40 years ago, with the development of our ingenious products, no one could have foreseen the unparalleled success story that followed. UWT has become one of the leading suppliers of measurement technology on the world market today for the level detection in silos and material manufacturing processes. Names of e.g. Rotonivo®, Vibranivo® and Nivobob® represent quality, flexibility and reliability in over 70 countries across the world. Having successfully solved over a million applications within the bulk solids sector, UWT has expanded still further by introducing a new and innovative product range for the liquids market which is delivering reliable solutions for applications in this area.

The development, production and sales departments are located at our headquarters in Germany, with a further production site in Malta. UWT has also established successful sales offices in the USA, UK, China, India, Russia and Brazil. With this global orientation, we are able to serve and support our customers with complete competence and flexibility. From development through production to final assembly and comprehensive technical advice, we can offer a complete service from a single source. Focus is placed on delivering the highest quality products, technical expertise and a good working relationship with customers, suppliers and partners. The strongly held belief by CEO Uwe Niekrawietz is for the welfare of over 155 employees world-wide: “Healthy and happy employees can make the unbelievable happen”.

Every year, our product portfolio evolves, develops and brings about solutions for a variety of industries. As well as providing level measurement we also offer monitoring and visualization systems, together with complete project planning. Renowned plant manufacturers and end users around the world appreciate our ability to deliver customized solutions for their applications, as well as the ease of use and durability of the UWT sensors. Our strategy in the consistent monitoring of our own steady and sustainable growth allows us to provide the best value solutions for our customers.

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