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Contact: Eric NICOLAS / Arthur VIANDIER
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TRIAX is specialized in technical design and workmanship against downfall, and it is European market leader in safety gates. Our safety gates, folding stairs and mobile ladders are tested and approved by the TÜV SÜD.

TRIAX designs, produces, sells and assembles safety systems against falls:
– Safety gates.
– Flap doors for shafts.
– Folding stairways.
– Mobile safety ladder.
– MAGAPAL®: the autonomous pallet stacker.
– MOBIPAL®: the mobile pallet stacker.
– Pallet sorter.
All our solutions are custom-made: our product division creates unique solutions to suit every single customer.
TRIAX offers a complete service and ensures the best performance and service life of its products.

Safety gates:
TRIAX develops a large range of safety gates which are completely conform with safety standards and the ergonomics of different workstations.
Scope of application:
The use of safety systems is essential when operating on working platforms.
Operating principle:
The objective of a safety gate is to guarantee safeguard and perimeter protection for the handling of goods between low and high levels.

Folding stairs:
Scope of application:
Working near or in a manhole inherits potential dangers which may result in serious accidents. The common ones include falls and slips as often the manhole is only poorly protected.
Operating principle:
The folding stairways guarantee the safety of the operators accessing the top of the tank. They are height-adjustable.
They exist in two different versions: with a flat deck or with steps.
The corbelling protects the working area on the tank.

Mobile safety ladder:
Scope of application:
A downfall risk occurs when workers are required to get on top of tankers or containers. Two important things must be assured: operator safety and sufficient vehicle access.
Operating principle:
The safety mobile ladder allows the operator a quick access on the top of the tankers whilst being completely safe. It is easy to move thanks to its patented draft bar system. The corbelling guarantees safety for the user working on the top of the tank. The system also acts as a safeguard as it prohibits the access to the top of the tank when the base of the structure is not blocked. The safety mobile ladder is certified TÜV SÜD and NORISKO-DEKRA.
Exists also in a lateral access version.

Vehicle access protection:
Scope of application:
Assuring operator safety whilst accessing on the top of a vehicle is an real commitment for the employer. Fall protection equipment should be selected based upon the usefulness and the longevity that it provides.
Operating principle:
The complete system «vehicle access protection» consists of safety stairs, a fixed platform and a folding bridge. The vehicle access proctection enables the operator to work within the corbelling placed on top of the tanker or container whilst being completely safe.

Complete top dome protection:
The complete top dome protection offers integral protection to the operator working on top of the tanker. The corbelling is adjustable in all directions and allows the protection of the entire top dome surface.

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