Three-Tec GmbH

Company Name: Three-Tec GmbH
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Contact Person: Mike Wipf
Phone Number: +41 62 892 82 25

Three-Tec GmbH develops, produces and distributes feeding systems, extruders and peripherals for process engineering in the industrial sectors pharmaceutical, chemical, medicinal, food, cosmetics and plastics. The handling of powder and bulk solids, highest possible flexibility and the realization of customized solutions are our core competences.
The field of application of our extruders is versatile:
– Hot melt extrusion (HME)
– Continuous granulation (TSG)
– Reactive extrusion (synthesis)
– Extraction
– Mechanochemistry
– Biodegradable polymers
– Vegetable proteins & meat-like textures (meat analogues)
The Mini Twin-screw Extruder line is perfectly suited for lab / R&D applications at a smallest possible scale. Starting from a batch size of only 1 gram of raw material with our smallest model ZE 5 (parallel twin-screw extruder with 5mm screw diameter) up to a continuous production of several kilograms per hour with the ZE 12. Three-Tec extruders stand out due to their comparatively high torque which ensures the extrudability of a big variety of different materials under difficult conditions.
The universal design ensures scale-up possibilities to commercial size extruders from Three-Tec which are capable to produce up to several tons per hour.
The extruders can be combined with a large selection of peripheral devices:
– Feeding devices with volumetric or gravimetric control for any kind of material: From pellets to good or bad flowing powders up to liquids.
– Conveyor belts in various lengths that transport and cool down the extrudate after the nozzle.
– Cutting devices like hot-cutter or pelletizers
– Laser measuring and winders for filament production (3D print)
– Flat film rollers, spheronizers, etc.

In Three-Tec’s own test laboratory it is possible to perform trials with customer specific products. Our experts together with a big variety of different machines are always happy to welcome interested person to develop and improve their processes together.