Company Name: SEPARTECH
Company website:
Contact Person: Yvan Girboux
Phone Number: +32 71511565

Founded on an experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing of screens and screening equipment Separtech is the specialist in industrial screening processes.

Our vibrating separators can be integrated in different processes
• filtration of liquids
• liquid / solid separation
• solid classification of bulk products
• safety screening
• shape classification.


Our main activity :
• Manufacturing of screening equipment
• Quick delivery service for Spare parts and “in-House made” screens
• Performance Analysis and Optimization of your equipment
• On-site Parts and Screens Replacement
• Official Reselling partner for BFM fitting in Belgium and Luxemburg

We serve a wide panel of industries : Chemistry, Recycling, Food, Environment, Aviation, Automobile, Coating, Plastics & Polymers, Paper, Metal, Process and Waste Water Treatment, Mineral, Ceramic

We offer Testing equipment on-site and also Test in our factory with your products.

Whatever your application, SEPARTECH helps you to find the best separation solution thanks to our long experience in the world of screening equipment.

SEPARTECH also offers you service all over Europe: from maintenance to the complete installation of your machine and the optimisation of your separator.

You will find them under different names: screens, separators or vibrating screens, gyratory screens…different names for this industrial equipment but only one name for a reliable partner: SEPARTECH.

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