Company Name: RIERA NADEU, S.A.
Company website: www.rieranadeu.com
Contact Person: Jérémie Bardo
Email: commercial@rieranadeu.com
Phone Number: +34 938 40 70 72

Riera Nadeu, S.A., is a leader in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for centrifuge separation, pneumatic drying system and powder milling.

Founded in 1952, the activity of the company has been focused on the design, manufacture and sales of Centrifuges and Supercentrifuges of all sizes and materials.

A few years later, the Flash Dryers and Micronizers for continuous processes were added. As a result, Riera Nadeu, S.A. , became a supplier for complete line of process: separation, drying and milling.

For more than sixty years, Riera Nadeu, S.A. , has been offering customized solutions for specific applications within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Directed by Riera family, our company is an engineering competence center equipped with an ultra-modern workshop.

The RINA brand name of our products and services is a synonym of commitment, empathy and quality.

Our essence is to generate reliable and stable cooperation for the wellbeing business of our clients and the strategic development of their production plants.

Our policy of excellence in all the manufacturing procedures, detailed finishing and commercialization, have led us to be a reference on national and international markets.

We are now counting with more than 2000 references working for the most demanding applications such as Biotechnology, Pharma, Food, Chemicals, Energy and Upcycling.

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