Company website: www.rhein-plast.de/en/home-en
Contact Person: Thomas Eisemann
Email: info@rhein-plast.de
Phone Number: +49 (0)6322798-0

Since 1959 we only focus on one thing: highest-quality mono-film polyethylene bags/sacs/rolls. All are produced according special customer requirements. Our focus is the pharmaceutical industry, bio-tech, medicine and chemistry as well as food or electronics. Worldwide. GMP process of course. Many leading long-term-customers like BOEHRINGER, SANOFI, GSK, BAYER, EVONIK, ABBVIE etc… rely to products like bags for their clean-room, endless-packages for their API-filling machines or DÜPOLEX: a new grid-print electrically conductive film with even pharma grade! The features: an inner surface which is low in germs and particles and you still are able to see the product during your filling process. Much easier and more safety handling for your operators. Just ask for a sample if that sounds interesting to you. Single-Use-Containment? Talk with us! And every product comes with a proper and complete documentation. Contact us if you need advice for your current and future packaging and product regulations. We will be informed – always one step ahead of times, because this is our job. Our R&D-Team creates new packaging ideas to solve new or upcoming customer problems. Our Sales-Team is known for being reliable, friendly and for their fast reaction time, try it out. But what is even more: The fact that we are a family business (3rd generation) allows us to be extremely flexible and uncomplicated when it comes to tricky situations. You have forgotten to order in time? No worries, we will to what we can to avoid your production stop. And for all that, you don’t even need to give up your commitment for our environment: For one of the first companies in this sector all our products are carbon-neutral, as well our complete company! That’s why buying from RHEIN-PLAST also means doing something for our carbon footprints. If you like, you get that certified. If that sound interesting to you, we really are looking forward to talk to you or meet you personally at the next possibility, once we all have left these hard COVID- times behind.

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