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Batch automation for powder and bulk solid processes

When automating batch processes, you need to be able to simultaneously process numerous production orders for various products in just one plant flexibly, efficiently and safely. The ProLeiT process control system Plant Batch iT is the ideal solution for controlling and monitoring recipe-controlled batch processes.
Plant Batch iT offers many features – from continuous material tracking & tracing and comprehensive material management to ­order, batch and BOM management. ­Detailed event logging (electronic batch recording) ensures maximum transparency – and thus continuous optimisation of ­production processes. Modularisation enables use of the system in both very small plants and large factories.

Comprehensive batch analysis
High data availability for production applications is a real competitive advantage. However, the large volume of data that ­accumulates during production often leads to excessive demands – correlations remain undetected and potentials unused. The Batch Cockpit add-on additionally ­allows ProLeiT to offer a smart software solution for evaluating, processing and validating production data.
Intelligent weighing assistant
The Manual Weighing System (MWS) add-on, a computer-controlled assistance system for guided, manual weighing processes, enables the clear processing of BOMs. The MWS helps prevent inefficient weighing processes and off-specification batches caused by erroneous additions. Moreover, it ensures adherence to safety regulations and quality standards.

Process-related materials management
The Plant iT material module integrated in Plant Batch iT is one of the central instruments for the effective management of ­order and recipe-controlled production processes. It provides a transaction-accurate online view of all material transactions and, in addition to exact inventory management, also enables investigation and evaluation, in particularly batch traceability.

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