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Making a difference, this is what we are all about at Premier Tech. One team driven by a shared passion to deliver solutions that will better the lives of people, businesses and communities. At Premier Tech, People and Technologies connect in lasting, transformative ways, giving life to products and services that help feed, protect and improve our world. We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that help improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities.

We create packaging solutions for powders in the Nutrition industry

We offer equipment to help automate bagging and packaging operations for producers of food products such as flour, dairy powders, bakery mixes and more. Our line can be equipped with net weigh scales, state-of-the-art baggers, including bottom-up fillers and open-mouth baggers, robotic and conventional palletizers and stretch hooders.

We create packaging solutions for powders in Industrial sector

We build equipment to help automate bagging and packaging operations for specific industrial products such as chemicals and petro-chemical powders. Our lines can be equipped with weighing and feeding systems, bag fillers, valve packers, palletizer, case packers, stretch wrappers, and stretch hooders.

Our technologies would be pointless if we couldn’t bring them to the people they’re designed to benefit. At PT, subcontracting is the exception, not the rule. We do things ourselves and, when no manufacturing processes exist to support our ambitions, we invent them.

We offer a wide range of solutions, ranging from weighing, feeding, bagging, case packing all the way through palletizing and load securing.

Premier Tech also integrates innovative and high-value systems leveraging the full potential of robotics. While being a global company, Premier Tech believes the true value of our worldwide presence rests in the deep roots its teams have established locally. Being local translates into tailored offers, but most importantly, custom support throughout the life cycle of their products.

Our programs provide the most valuable lifecycle services in the industry, focusing on critical areas such as 24/7 technical support, spare parts, field service, training, system assessments and optimization, and remote connectivity. More than 4600 team members support Premier Tech’s activities in 27 countries, with 46 manufacturing sites across the globe.

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