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Enhancing Product Properties by Fluid Bed Technologies
NEUHAUS NEOTEC as a member of the long existing KAHL Group is specialized in drying and particle technologies using fluidized bed methods.

Fluid Bed Technology is widely known as one of the most effective processes to enhance product properties for various applications in different industries, like food and feed production, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production.

Targeted design of particles with defined properties enable to achieve special effects like increase product and storage stability, enhance bulk handling and ease dosage. Furthermore it can improve solubility, protect against the influence of oxygen, light, temperature or deliberate release of additives and keep them stable. We offer specialized solutions around the following processes:

• Fluid bed drying/cooling
• Agglomeration
• Spray drying agglomeration
• Fluid bed spray granulation
• Coating
• Micro-encapsulation

Depending on the primary compound, the amount and the demands to the product, the fluidized bed technology can be operated as continuous or as batch-wise process. In bulk production, particularly the continuous fluidized bed processes provide a higher increase in value by reducing operating and production costs. The processes are fully automatic, reproducible at any time and guarantee a high product quality. In batch operation, the individual fluidized bed process steps are carried out time-staggered. This offers more flexibility concerning the variation of parameters and process settings for manufacturing complex products. Batch processes are particularly appropriate for the production of many different recipes in varying quantities. Via integrated spray systems, the fluidized bed method can be used for further process technological procedures. Fine powders or liquids, for example, are formed to particles by agglomeration or spray granulation and then show enhanced application properties as granules.

Thus we offer high expertise for the optimization of existing products and processes and for the development of completely new product recipes with defined particle properties and following purposes:

• Controlled particle size distribution and bulk density
• Stabilizing valuable ingredients and compounds
• Improved dissolution and dispersibility
• Enhanced flowability and dust reduction
• Instantization of beverage powders
• Odor and taste masking
• Targeted agent release
• Coating and microencapsulation
• Liquid to granule transformation

In our professional pilot plant, we simulate your individual requirements on a laboratory scale, optimize product properties and test process parameters for large production plants.

NEUHAUS NEOTEC offers a holistic approach for both continuous and batch-wise operated fluid bed plants, from the machine to the overall system. In addition to product and process development in an professional pilot plant, the engineering takes care of the design and configuration of a plant according to the customers needs, including all peripheral equipment such as air handling system, product supply, product discharge and control system. In addition, NEUHAUS NEOTEC also acts as general contractor for the design of complete production lines. Always following the company motto: Bringing Ideas in Motion.