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Mixing, dosing, conveying…

Decades of experience in mixing, dosing and conveying of a wide variety of materials and aggregates combined to the highest quality and productivity in complete mixing systems and system components from KNIELE.

The innovative products of KNIELE GmbH are finding their way into the most diverse branches of industry with ever-increasing demands. We are part of this rapid and exciting development and supply systems and components mainly to the concrete industry. Our tailor-made mixing systems are also used in the recycling, chemical, food, feed and nuclear industries.

With KNIELE mixing technology, there is a suitable mixer system for every application. Our patented KNIELE conical mixer KKM masters every challenge and is a true “master of blending”. From laboratory mixers to production mixers, this intensive mixer is available in various sizes and designs and provides outstanding mixing results.

KNIELE GmbH is not only your partner when it comes to mixing technology, but also for all other components that you need. The handling of bulk materials is part of every mixing plant and it is essential for a clean and smooth production process. KNIELE Big-Bag-Stations have been specially developed for the low-dust filling and emptying of bulk materials which are dusty, powdery, flour-like and small-sized. The focus is on high economic efficiency and simple handling. With a wide range of optional accessories, a KNIELE big bag station can be designed according to your individual requirements.

For example, with a flexing device for a complete emptying of the big bags or with a dedusting system for low-dust filling and emptying. Flexing devices or side pushers prevent bridging in the big bag. The big bags are fed by means of a crane runway integrated in the upper part or by forklift truck. KNIELE big bag stations are suitable for all common disposable or reusable big bag sizes and are variable in height, depending on the structural conditions.

Do you need a specific daily batch of aggregates? Then use the KNIELE day silos! These can be designed as mobile or stationary silos and store the required daily amount. Equipped with vibratory feeders, the stored bulk materials can be dosed very precisely.

With customers in over 35 countries around the world, KNIELE is your competent partner for mixing, dosing and conveying bulk materials. Visit us online at and contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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