Heilig Mixing Technology B.V.

Company Name: Heilig Mixing Technology B.V.
Company website: www.heiligmixers.com
Contact Person: Ruud Nanninga
Email: info@heiligmixers.com
Phone Number: +31 (0) 88 1704 300

Heilig Mixing Technology B.V.

For every industrial mixing process, we design, develop, deliver, install, modify, maintain and repair a wide variety of mixers. Both stand-alone units and turnkey installations. The applications and range of mixers apply to batch mixing. Also, we provide a spare-part service and take care of maintenance and replacements, regardless of the brand.
With our expertise and experience in mixing technology, we have been supplying many clients in various industries for decades. Among them are the food and feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, metals, and minerals industry. We know about the stringent demands these industries need to meet. For our mixing machines, we have been certified for their precise mixing accuracy.

When designing a mixing solution, we understand that the requirements for each client are different. We always consider various factors and essential standards.
We offer solutions for powders, liquids and granulates that may be abrasive, explosive, hygroscopic, coarse, etc. We adhere to your branch standards and certifications (e.g. food industry). Another factor is the location of your mixing facility and the desired dimensions of a unit or configuration. Also, we would like to know precisely how your production process operates, whether you require batch mixing, product feed, conveyors, etc.

Every industry utilizes its particular type of mixers. Factors to consider in choosing the right mixing machine for your application are, among others, the type of material, batch size, and bulk density. Heilig Mixing Technology has been designing and manufacturing mixing machines for over 40 years.
One of the things we are specialized in, are conical mixers, or also referred to as V-mixers, conical screw mixers, Nauta mixers or Vrieco Nauta mixers. It’s is recognized for its outstanding mixing quality and accuracy. Try one of our demonstration models before you buy. We offer you to test a stainless steel mixer with the capacity of 3, 50 or 150 liters. Please contact us to make an appointment for a test run.

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