Frewitt fabrique de machines SA

Company Name: Frewitt fabrique de machines SA
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Contact Person: Roy Housh
Phone Number: +41 267407400

Thanks to its experience in the grinding and milling of powders, Frewitt has established itself over time as a leader in this field by constantly anticipating the needs of its markets and developing tools for processes accordingly. Frewitt’s wide range of applications in terms of high-tech solutions for grinding, homogenizing, deagglomerating, conveying, dosing and filling of all kinds of powders and granulates makes Frewitt the ideal partner for your most complex projects.

At Frewitt, we develop and manufacture milling systems used in the milling, crushing and sieving of powders and bulk solids in a wide array of industries. We also provide expertise in powder transfer, de-agglomeration, dosing and filling solutions, as well as high-tech particle classification and homogenisation. We have developed a vast array of lab mills for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food, and defence, to name a few.
This development allows us to offer you an innovative machine platform, supporting six different, milling processes.

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