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The EKATO SYSTEMS vacuum processing units are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, mixing and homogenizing of liquids or high viscous materials (UNIMIX), as well as for mixing and drying of solids (SOLIDMIX).

Teams of experienced specialists apply their know-how and consulting skills to provide innovative solutions for even the most demanding process-oriented tasks.

As a world-leading manufacturer of vacuum processing units in laboratory, pilot and production scale, EKATO SYSTEMS offers a complete package including not only equipment supply, but also a full service approach according to life cycle management. The services range from engineering to pilot trials to start-up and maintenance.

Whether a single unit or complete turn-key installations including full automation and GMP compliant design – the EKATO systems are being constantly developed further and adapted to modern requirements.

The EKATO SYSTEMS process laboratory with its state-of-the-art testing equipment is the ideal facility for process development, scale-up trials and optimization of existing production processes.

– founded 2004
– 100 highly-qualified employees
– 60 offices and representatives worldwide

For free-flowing products, the Solids-PARAVISC impeller is used in the SOLIDMIX VST dryer series. The ISOPAS impeller was designed for processing pasty, poorly flowing media. It is implemented in the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT dryers.

The modular system can also be specifically tailored to customer requirements. Our experienced experts help to provide the vacuum dryer with the appropriate process technology solution.

The following basic operations are available: drying, mixing, chemical reactions, coating, granulating, heating, cooling, moistening, and many more.

With the vertical mixer for solids of the SOLIDMIX product line, EKATO SYSTEMS offers customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries a package tailored to their requirements. Typical applications in mixing technology include fine chemicals, pigments, fertilizers, metal powders and polymer additives.

The scope of delivery can range from a single vessel to a complete processing unit.

The following basic operations are typically included in the SOLIDMIX system:

– Mixing (patented EKATO ISOPAS or EKATO Solids-PARAVISC impeller)
– Automation
– Cleaning in place (CIP) cleaning system

Each SOLIDMIX system can be specifically adapted to any process need and can fulfill many mixing tasks from small to large industrial standards.

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