Brabender Technologie continued its trend of innovation throughout the second half of 2020 with a series of developments in its products for dosing, weighing, dispensing and the flow measurement of bulk materials and liquids. The development process saw their designers focused on greater flexibility and security.

The good news for customers was that the manufacturer of gravimetric and volumetric dosing devices and discharge devices will equip many of its devices with a servo motor as standard in the future.

Compared to normal frequency-controlled motors, the flexible drive can be used in multiple ways due to its wide speed spectrum and remains extremely powerful: In the lower speed range, servo motors start practically with the rated torque and even at high torque requirements they work reliably without speed fluctuations.

This type of drive therefore collects plus points when it comes to handling, because neither the screw nor the screw tube need to be changed. As a result, the downtime of the system is significantly reduced and there is no need for installation.

It follows other developments such as the launch of a new shaft sealing program that allows improved dust sealing for many devices. This innovative radial shaft seal can be used for both screw and agitator shafts.

There are two things that makes the seal unique. The inner chamber is pressurised with compressed air preventing any harmful dust from escaping. Because there is no air consumption, substances that are harmful to health always remain in the chamber, even in case of a seal leak.

The sealing function of the compressed air chamber acts as a barrier in both directions: on one side, towards the motor or gearing, and on the other side, towards the screw or the tank in contact with the ingredient.

The company also now offers an innovative clear-sighted discharge made of non-flexible PETG. This material stays dimensionally stable up to 90 degrees Celsius, remains completely tight to the screw tube and is ideally suitable for the discharge of food (FDA compliant).

Due to its transparency, the new discharge makes it possible to look into the screw tube. Benefit: In the event of an alarm message or a delay after start, a visual check and thus an initial error diagnosis, can take place immediately.