Brabender Technologie has revealed that its servo motors will become standard for additional feeders. Compared to standard AC motors, the flexible servo drive provides a wider speed range, while maintaining torque.

Servo motors have the advantage of having their full torque available at low speeds and having negligible speed fluctuations during high torque demand situations. For these reasons, the servo drive is desirable as it eliminates the need for a second pair of screw and tube thereby reducing changeover downtime of the system.

The company recently announced other innovations, alongside the relaunch of their website,

Highly flexible: Flex Connections made from liquid silicone

Flex connections made from highly durable, tear-resistant liquid silicone rubber (LSR) are essential for sealing upstream and downstream process. When hazardous ingredients are used, the connections prevent toxic dust from escaping.

This new design provides flexible characteristics essential for ultra-low feed rates below 50 grams per hour. The flex connection material thickness is specifically designed to be extremely thin in the flexible area and more robust where attached to the clamps. A necessary item for precise weighing and dust control.

Shaft sealing system available with purging

A recently developed shaft sealing system can be used wherever screw or agitator shafts are required. Brabender Technologie has added a purge system to its radial shaft seal. It consists of an inner pressurised chamber.

This means that in the rare event of a seal leak, dust always remains in the chamber. The shaft seals act as a barrier in both directions: on one side towards the motor and on the other side in contact with the ingredient.

In full view: transparent outlet in PETG

A new clear vertical outlet moulded from PETG, is a non-flexible plastic which remains dimensionally stable up to 90°C while being fully sealed. The material is FDA-compliant and ideally suited for the food industry.

As this is transparent you can visually check for ingredient flow at a glance. The clear PETG outlet will be available shortly for the universal FW40 FlexWall® feeder, the twin screw DDSR20 feeder and single screw DSR28 feeder. It will be available for all models and sizes by 2021.